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CT 5150
Course Description

The 1.5kilometer swim will start adjacent to HYS Yacht Club in San Bernardo Road in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Participants will start in the water and complete one loop of the swim course before exiting to transition one.

One of the unique qualities of Century Tuna 5150 is the two transition set up. Transition one from swim to bike is located in the former Subic International Raceway. From transition one, participants will begin the 40kilometer bike course.

The first 10 kilometers of the bike course willbe on the runway and taxiways of the Subic Bay International Airport. Participants will then negotiate the climbs and descents of Argonaut Highway and Corregidor Road before entering the road to IDESS. Before reaching transition two, participants will enjoy the steep, fast descents of Argonaut Road and Corregidor Road before reaching the final climb of the course at Tarlac Road. Participants will then descend Aparri Road, and coast along the flat roads of Rizal Highway, Aim High and Efficiency Avenue before heading to SBECC(Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center) which is the location of transition two and the finish line.

Participants will exit transition two to start the 10 kilometer run. Participants will leave SBECC and head out to Aim High Avenue, Rizal Highway, Argonaut Highway, Causeway Road before reaching Binictican Drive. Participants will then enter the Golf Course loop before heading back the same way to the finish line in front of SBECC along Efficiency Avenue.



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